Candidate services

Download and fill the APPLICATION FORM and send it to Euro Recruitment.

Euro Recruitment Candidate Charter - Our Promises

1. We promise to explain our process clearly and concisely.
2. We promise to tell you what to expect from us and what we expect from you.
3. We promise to set agreed timeframes of communication with you.
4. We promise to communicate with you in the most appropriate way for your needs - after all, sometimes you don’t want everyone to know you are looking for another job!
5. We promise to give you access to our network so you can access to the best opportunities that we have to offer wherever they may be.
6. We promise to respect you by telling you the truth. We will give you feedback even if it may be challenging.
7. We promise that we won’t try and put you in jobs that you don’t want but we may offer you something to keep you ticking over until the job turns up.
8. We promise to explain all of your options and highlight which is the most suitable for you and why.
9. We promise that if we are unable to help you we will point you in the right direction.
10. We promise to build on our relationship with you at every step of the way.
11. We promise to honour your privacy by keeping your details CONFIDENTIAL.

We promise to put you first!

If you have a query or find that we have not lived up to our above promises please e-mail: We promise to deal with your query openly and honestly.

Best of luck in your job search!