Euro Recuitment Services

Who we are

Euro Recruitment has started its activity as a need of the Romanian  work market more interested in this moment in achieving contracts abroad.
Through a comprehensive screening process, we are able to assess the needs of both employers and applicants.
Whenever possible, we assist the applicant in obtaining the necessary tests and licenses required. Since personnel turnover is costly in down and financially, we work diligently to match your company’s needs with our applicant’s career background and goals.
By doing this, we are able to provide you, the employer, with long-term employees which will reduce your personnel turnover thereby saving your money. Our experienced, recruiting staff verify employment, performance, job duties and eligibility for re-hire.
By advertising nationally, we have amassed a database of over 5.000 applicants and have access to thousands more from all industry sectors.

Our main goal is to supply good qualified and experienced personnel for all those who need our services. Euro Recruitment has invested the most part of its profits in selection and training, so we can be competitive on the market. Euro Recruitment offers search, screening and pre employment services to the hospitality health, construction, farming, offshore and shipping industry. We are committed to delivering timely results with confidentiality, ethics and professionalism. We have established certain strict operating guidelines which we predicated upon basic principle; we wish to be known as ”the recruiter you can trust“. In other words, we will endeavor at all times to treat clients and candidates the way we would like to be treated, professional in every way!
We believe that in order to service the recruitment industry properly it is essential to thoroughly understand  the business and its means. Our staff includes placement specialists experienced and familiar with each sector of the industry. We pride ourselves in working together to provide the most qualified personnel to
the best paying jobs.
We are now able to offer a simple yet effective psychological evaluation that analyzes background, basic strengths and weaknesses, work styles and ethics. This service is available to our clients for applicants. Job applicants who wish to assess their own evaluation may also avail themselves of this service on an individual
In this continuously increasing international challenge of recruitment environment, Euro Recruitment offers a wide range of services that include:
            - General Recruitment Services: Registration; Prescreening; Preliminary Testing; Short listing.
            - Placement Services: Interview Organizer; Interview Scheduler; Employment Formalities; Visa& Air Fares.
            - Marketing Services: Marketing Services; Advertising (Media); Branch Opening or Representative Partner.
            - Counseling Services: Counseling Services; Recruitment Planner; Recruitment Management; Know-How.
            - Manpower System: Payrolls & Bookkeeping.

Why spend your valuable time advertising, screening and referencing, only to have to start the process all over again. Why work with a search firm that is not a specialist in your industry and have to explain to them it is that you do and then have to watch them learn through trial and error. We employ a variety of network resources and plain old-fashioned cold-call recruiting done by our in-house research staff to secure candidates who specifically meet the parameters of your job.

We can offer you professional services weather you wish to cover your recruitment part of business or to handle your Staffing projects all around the world. Recruitment & Staffing Services under most convenient terms and conditions so, don’t miss any chance to get in touch with us for a job well-done.

Hotel and Tourism

Kitchen positions
Restaurant staff
Executive Chef
Food and Beverage Manager
Head Chef
Restaurant Manager
Senior Sous Chef
Assistant Restaurant Manager
Sous Chef
Restaurant Supervisor
Junior Sous Chef
Senior Chef de Partie
Head Waiter/ress
Chef de Partie
Chef de Rang
Demi Chef de Partie
Bar staff
Reception staff
Bar Manager
Front Office Manager
Head Bar Tender
Reception Manager
Reception Supervisor
Head Receptionist
Deputy Head Receptionist
Housekeeping staff
Overall management
Housekeeping Manager
General Manager
Head Housekeeper
Deputy General Manager
Assistant/Deputy Head Housekeeper
Assistant Hotel Manager
Food & Beverage Manager
Front Office Manager
Duty Manager

Why a third party ?
Many managers fail to recognize just how much time and cost is incurred in recruiting effectively and consider that a “do it yourself“ approach will save money. When other priorities get in the way, there is a temptation to cut corners which can result in expensive mistakes or failure to complete. Recruitment firms have up-to-date knowledge of the marketplace and can provide advice and guidance to the employer.
Professional recruiters are not likely to cut corners. They have the resources, the time and the focus,and are consequently more likely to ensure a fast and effective result.

Why are we different ?

We are direct, clear, honest and effective. Our work and business relationships are based, at all times, on the main internationally accepted Code of Ethics:
            - Our behavior is not simply compliance with legal requirements, it extends to honesty, equity, integrity and social responsibility in all dealings.
            - We never hide the truth to the Clients and Candidates, regardless the consequences.
            - We do not make false statements of material fact. We present the Candidates exactly as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses. We do not make a representation as to future matters, without reasonable grounds.
            - We will ensure that the Candidates are given genuine details of the Client’s work conditions, the nature of work to be undertaken, rates of pay and pay arrangements.
            - Our consultants do not accept any remuneration, presents or bonuses, from the Candidate. No intervention on behalf of the Candidate will be accepted.
            - We do not instruct the Candidates for the interview and give no special advice in this respect!
            - We do not undertake actions that may unfairly or unlawfully jeopardize a candidate’s employment. All precautions will be taken to avoid any detriment to the present situation of the candidate.
            - Confidentiality is fully guaranteed both to our Clients and our Candidates.
            - We guarantee not to approach our Client’s staff for one year from the last date of employment.

Recruitment procedure
Euro Recruitment’s search strategy is made up of the following ten-step procedure:

  1. A thorough analysis of the position and its environment, and of the corporate culture and strategy, allows us to define as precisely as possible the profile required for the position.
  2. A detailed job description, including all the data collected during the interviews conducted at Stage 1, is set up together with the Client management.
  3. A methodology briefing allows the Consultants to define the best possible strategy and means of action. Selection of the search targets: sectors, type of companies, level of responsibilities, using our previous experience in similar assignments.
  4. A media strategy and budget is presented to the Client; we prepare succinct and persuasive copies arranging layout and placement;
  5. Evaluating the response, selecting the more promising applicants and closing out those not qualified; screening interviews and close examination of Candidates’ careers to date and suitability for the position; carrying out the same in-depth interviewing, professional assessment and reference checking;
  6. Presentation to the Client of a preliminary file on each of the short-listed Candidates corresponding to the profile, examining the main aspects of the Candidates’ background, skills, motivation and capacity to integrate quickly into the company.
  7. Arranging interviews for the Client with the selected Candidates, either in our or on the Client’s premises.
  8. Strict checking of the professional references and setting up complete and detailed files of the best Candidates, once selected by the Client.
  9. Assistance during the negotiations with the selected Candidate on the terms and conditions of  employment, whilst preserving confidentiality with both parties at all times.
  10. Support for the integration of the hired Candidate and follow-up of his/her development within a company over a given period.

Candidate's assessment

  • Our efforts in assessing the most relevant features of the Candidate are directed according to Client’s specific needs. Three main directions are usually covered:      
  • Technical Competence assessment: we will perform thorough interviews with the Candidates, with stress on the detailed responsibilities and professional achievements in their present and previous jobs.
  • Personal Profile design: our Consultants will provide the Client with the most competent and thorough individual portraits of the selected Candidates.
  • Moral Profile: as people’s morality cannot be determined by either psychological investigation or any other test, we will conduct a deep Reference Checking.
  • Presenting Candidates
    We will make careful selection from a large number of Candidates and will present the best three to five of them to the Client, together with the most relevant information. After the Client has interviewed the Candidates we will provide complete files about the two to three of those he has indentified.

Our professional relationship with our customers will be founded on mutual confidence and trust.We will be 24 hours around the clock at customers’ disposal and their request will be solved in the shortest possible time.

Managing Director/Chairman,
Octavian Claponea